Monday, February 27, 2012


This past Friday, Lyn & I dropped by Nancy Blaney's  Sugarhouse shop, Expressive Bungalow, for one of Nancy's evening Events.  Billed as, EXPRESSIVE BUNGALOWS GALLERY NIGHT, Come and visit with local artists, Photography - Wire and stone creations - Ceramics - - -Refreshments - Music - Friends, we knew it wouldn't disappoint.  It didn't take long to figure out we weren't the only ones who had been to one of Nancy's shindigs, the place was packed. 

Who could resist.  Local artists, Live music, a taste of the grape, and what could best be described as 5 course refreshments.  Who would want to?

So, we ate & drank, checked out the local art, and browsed around Nancy's shop for a bit. Finding some musicians in the next room,  we decided to sit around and listened to what turned out to be some very good jazz guitar.  We almost wished we hadn't made dinner reservations. But alas,  I took one more look through the shop, and It was time to stop by to thank Nancy, and say goodnight.  Lyn wasn't far behind, showing up at the counter with yet another religious artifact. 

What can I say. Eats, drinks, art, and a step closer to nirvana; does this girl know how to host a party or what.  Thanks Nancy.

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