Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SALE IN THE CITY. Eye candy for collectors. Weather, dazzling. Backdrop..... perfect.

Engulfed by the cityscape, the first of the seasons Salt Lake Urban Flea Markets did anything but disappoint.

By the time we made it to the Urban Market on Sunday, the place was already an ant bed.  The first thing I did was to capture the markets setting.  Sunshine, blue skies and highrises.  The contrast between Salt Lake City's prime real estate and the quaint tented bazaar was striking.

Populated by eager, affable vendors, the market offered a perfect Sunday morning diversion.  This was my first visit to the Urban Flea Market, and I was surprised at the number of familiar faces we came across. Booth after booth seemed to be full of vintage and collectible dealers from the antique shops, shows and malls around the city.  

There was plenty to look at and buy.  Best of all, it seemed like everything we saw was a was a bargain.  Lyn walked off with a set of 50's mixing bowls, an art deco ring box, some Acro Agate children's dishes and an old wicker picnic basket, while I bought an oak cased Victorian barometer for an embarrassingly small price. 

I think this is what they mean by "too much fun".  If you're looking to put a little sunshine into your Sunday mornings, the Urban Flea Market will surely brighten your day.  The market runs every second Sunday of the month, from now through October 13th.   


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