Monday, November 26, 2012

Out of the dog house and back at the big boy table

China Matching Services
There it is, lying right there on the floor in a million pieces. And, there you are, facing one of those make or break decisions; sweep up the evidence and head for the nearest trash can, or, man up and tell your wife that you just broke another piece of her grandmother’s china. Your situation complicated by the knowledge that you can be replaced easier than an heirloom soup tureen.  You head for the door, hoping the cat will take the rap.
You love using your heirloom china, but facing the possibility of breaking one of grandma’s old dishes seems like a risky proposition. You also dislike making your husband sit at the kids table you set with chinette. But, one has to be practical about these things.
The good news is that you can feel more comfortable letting the husband back at the adult table, because you just discovered “pattern match” services.  Knowing you can replace a broken piece, if a tragedy occurs, makes using antique and heirloom china on your table, even with a clumsy husband, a less frightening prospect. While china matching services aren’t always the best bargain around, you’ll find that good pattern match services stock hundreds of patterns and thousands of pieces of china & glassware, and can be useful when you’re in a hurry to replace a beloved dish.  Most services will send you a listing of available pieces making it easy to replace broken items, or add things you need to expand your place settings and serving pieces. They can also help you identify your china patterns and provide information on the manufacturer, date of production and other pertinent details that may help you locate replacement pieces.
So, let that husband out of the doghouse. Entertaining doesn’t have to be frightening. China matching services can help make you feel comfortable and family and friends feel special.  So dust off those treasured dishes for your next gathering and celebrate in style. 
You can find pattern match services on line.  There are several good ones. Like everything else, be sure to get references to assure you are dealing with a trusted reputable company.


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