Monday, August 5, 2013


Nothing can slow you down if you're in good "flea market shape". Saturday morning, Lyn and I jumped up at the crack of dawn, tore two grandsons from their warm beds, guzzled a cup of coffee, scarfed down a banana and a bagel, jumped in the car, and, nearly tore off the rear door as I tried to pull out before it was completely closed. Un-detoured, I reassured my cowering grandson, slammed, pushed and cajoled the door until it would latch properly, quickly recomputed the necessary speed to reach the old Pleasant Grove gymnasium for the FLEATTITUDE 8:00 am early entry time, and was on my way. I'm certain I saw a neighbor hold up a paper scorecard that had a perfect 10 on it. I was the posterboy for flea market fit. 
These are the coaches at the "fleanasium", FLEATTITUDE promoter's Jen Reed (left) and Cathie Cox (right). 
40 minutes later we were standing in the fleanasium, all of us sporting that "let the games begin" look on our faces. As usual, Lyn began shopping her way to Nirvana, I started kicking tires in search of a bargain, and it didn't take long for my Grandson's Max & Jackson to shed their amateur status.  We weren't there for 5 minutes before I noticed Jackson, a budding antique camera collector, taking advantage of Mike Sovic over an old Kodak autographic. 
An hour or so later, Lyn a found a few trinkets, Jackson another old camera, and Max was the proud owner of a 1940's geiger counter. My hands were empty, but all that meant was that I could get a start on saving the money to fix that car door. 
If you're not taking your morning exercise at the fleanasium, you're missing out on a lot of fun. Don't miss the next one.  Be sure to keep an eye out in the New Century Collector for upcoming FLEATTITDE markets. 


  1. So glad you made it to the flea unharmed!! Always a pleasure to have you and thanks for the awesome write-up here. Next sale Sat. November 16th...plenty of time to get the car fixed by then!

  2. Dennis it was so good to see you and Lyn. I think it was great time had by all (vendors & customers). Jen & Cathie put on a wonderful Flea.