Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hey, I'm an antiques dealer........ sweet!

We all love to shop.  We scavenge antiques shops, vintage shops, flea markets and yard sales, filling our homes and lives with the proceeds of our efforts.  But, if you're still hanging around the shops even after you have deposited the requisite amount of crafts, kitsch & collectibles on your walls, counters and shelves,  you need a new hobby.  And, if you could work all that shopping into a hobby, now that would be sweet.  

If you want to shop, you need to sell.  Selling is a good thing, It provides more money to shop.  It's the real "circle of life".  But, if you're like me, you don't want the selling to interfere with the shopping, or football games, or Oprah or anything else. What we need is a "cake and eat it too" kind of thing. And that, is easy. Think antiques & vintage mall.  The concept has it all.  Shop, sell, shop.  Let someone else mind the store and keep the books.  All we really want is to drop of the stuff, and pick up the check. If you think it all sound just a little too good to be true, then as your mamma would have told you, "you've got another think coming". There are hundreds of overserved collectors just like you, making a buck and letting someone else do the dirty work.  If you need to support your shopping habit, all you've go to do, is think Antiques & Vintage Mall.  

That brings me to what just might be the best new thing around.  The Smithfield Shoppes, about to open, just up the street from Logan. 

Smithfield Shoppes are a series of retail spaces along Main Street, in Smithfield Ut.  They have space available for antiques, collectibles, vintage-retro, kitsch, crafts and artisans, and they'll help you set up in your own business for a paltry hundred bucks a month.  All you've got to do is drop off a load of stuff, give the display your special touch, and let the folks at Smithfield do the grunt work.  Oh yeah, you might want to drop of another load when you pick up a check. 

Smithfield Shoppes is how you get into, or expand your antiques business. Those big green numbers above is how you call them.  

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