Monday, July 9, 2012


I had barely gotten out of my car before I realized that the pavement was hot enough to bake pizza.  I shrugged it off; July flea markets aren't for little girls. As I walked toward the entrance, the perspiration streamed down my forehead and into my eyes, giving the scene an aura reminiscent of the girls in Star Trek. As I walked through the gate,  heat waves rising from the asphalt appeared to melt the locale into a surrealistic Dali landscape, where I was met by a menagerie of cleverly stenciled vintage luggage, seemingly suspended it the air like a Calder mobile.  I'm going to like this fine. 

Like I say, it was hot. But, a better adjective might be, it sizzled. Undaunted, the Sunday congregation of dedicated vintage shoppers were already scouring the booths for bargains. 

As expected, the July Urban Flea Market had something to arouse the eye of almost everyone.  Antiques, collectibles, vintage, retro, used and otherwise curious objects were cloistered under canopy after canopy, waiting to be restored, reused and re-imagined by the young chic crowd.

These girls seem to be having a particularly good time.  
Alas, a summer weather outdoor market isn't for everyone.  This poor lady apparently sat down in a suitcase, where she succumbed to the heat and melted.  Smart shoppers always bring plenty of water, and sunscreen.   

Anyway, the warm weather didn't seem to cramp the style of buyers or sellers, and as the afternoon wore on, smiles and bargains were in abundance.  Since there's nothing I like better than a hot time on the town, I'll be back for the August Urban Market, where, short of spontaneous human combustion, I'm sure to have a great day.

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