Monday, September 19, 2011


There must be something in the air in Northern Utah.  It seems every time you hear about a new shop, chances are it's up in the Ogden to Logan area.  The latest news is from Lance Lewis shop, The Estate Sale. 

Already the biggest place to shop for antiques in Ogden, this shop which has only been open for a few months is already growing.  Lance will be adding another 2000 square feet and several new dealers by the first of October.  Here's a taste of what's inside.

There's not too much warm weather left in our futures, so you might want to head up to Ogden on Saturday October 8th and bask in the good weather and antiques at The Estate Sale's Outdoor market.  If you want a space to sell at this event, it can be had for a miserly $10 bucks.  Can't beat that! Give Lance a call @ 801.940.4075 Hope everyone has fun, I won't make this one, Lyn tells me it's our 42nd anniversary, and I better have other plans. 

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