Friday, September 30, 2011

I fell down the rabbit hole, and woke up in a sea of pink flamingo's

I spent the day in Salt Lake Shops, dropping off the latest issue of the New Century Collector,  and snapping a pic here and there,  but nothing really caught my attention until I stopped by The Old Flamingo, one of the Valley's newest shops, located in East Millcreek.  It was grand opening day for the stylish co-op, and event organizers Missy & Peter Coombs know how to put on a party.   Working my way through a sea of pink yard flamingos to the entrance, I found myself  feeling a bit like Odysseus, steeling myself against the Sirens, diverting my eyes from the impressive array of goodies and refreshments, Safely inside, I discovered that the festivity's were less egocentric than most of these affairs.  While the co-op members were proudly showing their wares and enticing customers with a sale,  it was clear that highlighting local artists and raising money to support the Tracy Aviary was more than an afterthought.  

Strewn throughout the shop were plastic pink yard flamingo's which had been decorated and embellished by  artists from  Millcreek Artspace.  I had intended to share them here, but when I later unloaded the camera, I discovered that I had bumped the settings nob,  and what I had was something resembling the way I remember the 1960's.

Nonetheless, the flamingo's were fabulous,  and were sold by silent auction, with the proceeds, along with a percentage of each sale at the co-op going to the Aviary.  The day ended with a  children's parade which marched through the next door Millcreek growers market. Kudos to Missy, Peter, and the other vendors at The Old Flamingo.  

You'll want to visit this fun shop filled with trendy restored, re-purposed and interesting vintage furnishings.  Good stuff and good people. Located in East Millcreek at: 3474 so. 2300 E., they open Monday through Saturday 11:00 to 7:00, and until (:00 on Thursdays.

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