Saturday, May 19, 2012

ACORNS ANTIQUES SHOW - May 19th: What do you mean, “can you see my wallet” fugettaboutit!

There are dangerous places in this world, but  nothing makes me more nervous than turning Lyn loose at the Acorns antiques show.  If you can’t find plenty to buy at this show, your amateur status is safe. Big crowds and a diverse group of dealers make this is the hottest Utah show since Walter Larsen was attracting the ermine toque crowd at the expo center.

You’ll find a little bit of everything at Acorn’s.  But it’s not just the antiques that make this show a shopping mecca.  They should all be like this one. The  atmosphere us casual, the dealers welcoming, and    promoter Heidi Wilcock makes everyone feel like an old friend.  If you love antiques, and can afford the gas, this show is worth the drive from anywhere.

Lyn never disappoints.  This time she was shopping for me, picking up a nice set of Indian scout & dog bookends.  Should be good for two steps toward Nirvana.  See you out there!

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