Monday, May 7, 2012

You're kidding, I've got old sweat socks worth more than that

Sometimes it's good to know what your stuff is worth, and sometimes you wish you hadn't ask.  

The Utah Antiques Dealers Association held a small flea market and antiques and antiquarian books appraisal  event at the Sandy Historical Museum.  Hundreds of inquisitive collectors brought their treasures to be appraised by 3 of Utah's foremost antiques and rare book experts.

It was a mixed bag of smiles and frowns, as Gary Thompson (Gary Thompson Antiques), Nate Bischoff (Bearcat Antiques & Appraisals) and Ken Sanders (Ken Sanders Rare Book),  passed out the good and bad news for about 6 hours. 

Appraisals were a bargain $3.00 per item, with all proceeds going to the Museum.  This is an annual event, so keep an eye out next spring if you would like to get the scoop on your best stuff.

Along with the appraisals, the Association held a small flea market in the museum parking lot.  Lots of folks came for appraisals, but couldn't resist adding a piece or two to their collections before they left.

Keep your eye out for information about future dates for this fun antiques event in the New Century Collector.

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