Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Geeeez, the alarm didn't go off and we're late for church

If you've read the New Century Collector, or have taken a look at our blog, you know that our motto is: If you find antiquing to be a religious experience, the Collector will get you to church.   Well, this past Sunday, services were held outside, at the Capital City Antiques Mall, In Salt Lake City.  We arrived a little bit late, but the place was still teeming with religious artifacts.

The Capital City parking lot  is put to a much better use, than parking cars

This is surely what the god's intended antiquing to be.  Fresh air, tables laden with goodies,  and a truck loaded with sustenance,  all basking in warm spring sunshine.  I looked around and noticed Lyn hadn't waited,  she had already made one purchase and was working the tables like a pro.

So I walked around, talked too much, and shopped too little, but still managed to nab a great peach mirror GE/Techron table clock for a paltry thirty bucks.  Since the clock satisfied my craving for stuff,  it seemed like a good time to check out the food truck.

This is how I look when Lyn catches me buying a forbidden candy bar

Carrying a diet coke in place of the Hershey bar, we headed back to the car.  I had a new clock, Lyn had a couple of new artifacts, and my wallet was still substantially intact.  All in all, a great Sunday service. 

On the way out, we encountered Capital City Antiques owner Monica Zoltanski, who was sporting a smile and a great hat.  We told her we had a terrific time, and would be back for her June 3rd sale.  Looks like We'll be regular members of her Sunday flock. 

 Is it proper to wear a hat at church?  hummm

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