Sunday, May 6, 2012

Flea Circus: Hey, they're getting through the gates, and someone is looking at me kinda funny!

You don't want to be standing too close to the gates when it's opening time at a Flea.o.logy sale.  Someone is likely to pick you up, shake off the dust and stick you in the holding area until they can figure out how you can best be re-purposed.

It was every man for himself, as a crowd jostled for position at two entrances to the sale

Paula, Cathie & Jen (the flea.o.logists), remain the Queens of the recycle, re-imagine, re-love crowd, with their intermittent open air markets attracting a swarm of avid vintage shoppers. Their Saturday sale in Payson was no exception. 

Stephanie from Abode in Salt lake, puts the finishing touches on her booth.

Having arrived a few minutes before opening, Lyn & I strolled around the peaceful grounds, and watched as dealers finished stocking and arranging their goods, knowing, it was all for naught, as the sale hungry crowd would have the place disheveled and picked clean in pretty short order.

As they come through the gate, this group of shoppers seem confused as to whether they should go left or right, knowing the right decision will lead them to that sought after treasure.

Fascinated with the crowd, I began shooting a few pics, and Lyn of course began her usual pilgrimage to the sale tables. Nirvana seemed in sight, as it didn't take long for her to find an object to add to her collection.

Buyer and Seller each seem to think they got the best of the deal. I think they did, a small step towards Nirvana, and a coin or two for the dealers hard work.
We were running late, so it was a quick trip through the central checkout, and off to Sandy for a UADA sponsored sale & appraisal event.

If you haven't made it to one of the Flea.o.logy sales, you ought to make the scene. Fresh air, sunshine, vintage goodies and most of all, lots of fun. What more is there.  Watch the New Century Collector for upcoming flea.o.logy  events.

See you out there

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