Sunday, December 4, 2011


As is our usual first of the month ritual, Lyn and I were kicking around Utah County today, dropping off the latest issue of the New Century Collector, visiting with antiques dealers, and feeding our shopping habit (Lyn picked up a “Zen” item or two as we bounced along from shop to shop), when things turned just a little unusual. Our last stop was American Fork, where we dropped in to check out Auntie Bling Bling’s, the town’s newest vintage shop.

The new shop, which occupies an old home on 1st east & 35 south, is dripping with charm, filled with vintage clothing, jewelry, and the kind of trendy décor items everyone seems to be chasing these days.  Owner Helen Francom, Auntie Bling Bling’s herself, infuses the shop with enthusiasm, and it seems to buzz with a sense of fun and excitement.

I talked, and Lyn shopped.  When we were finished, we paid for an etched glass bowl that seemed to have our name on it, and headed for the door.  However, we didn’t get far, as our path to the door was blocked by our new favorite “aunt”, who informed us that we couldn’t just leave, with out a little bling. I was relieved, that she only seemed to be looking at Lyn.  

And the ritual “blinging” was on.

For my money, shopping and collecting shouldn’t be a chore.  The best motto is “if it’s not fun, don’t do it”, and Auntie Bling Bling’s provided just the right dose of exuberance.  So if you’re out hitting the shops and gathering up the goodies, don’t walk around with a naked face.  Be sure to stop in and get a little bling at Auntie’s place.