Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hey, I think that's the latest issue of the NEW CENTURY COLLECTOR.  It looks like these kids are getting off to a good start in life.  Mom & dad certainly have their educational priorities straight. They'll be antiques wizards by the time they're potty trained.

"A" students know you can't pass the class if you don't have your book. So, if you want to keep up with your classmates, here's your chance to sneak a peek at the study guide.  The December issue of the NEW CENTURY COLLECTOR is just a click away.





Monday, November 26, 2012

Out of the dog house and back at the big boy table

China Matching Services
There it is, lying right there on the floor in a million pieces. And, there you are, facing one of those make or break decisions; sweep up the evidence and head for the nearest trash can, or, man up and tell your wife that you just broke another piece of her grandmother’s china. Your situation complicated by the knowledge that you can be replaced easier than an heirloom soup tureen.  You head for the door, hoping the cat will take the rap.
You love using your heirloom china, but facing the possibility of breaking one of grandma’s old dishes seems like a risky proposition. You also dislike making your husband sit at the kids table you set with chinette. But, one has to be practical about these things.
The good news is that you can feel more comfortable letting the husband back at the adult table, because you just discovered “pattern match” services.  Knowing you can replace a broken piece, if a tragedy occurs, makes using antique and heirloom china on your table, even with a clumsy husband, a less frightening prospect. While china matching services aren’t always the best bargain around, you’ll find that good pattern match services stock hundreds of patterns and thousands of pieces of china & glassware, and can be useful when you’re in a hurry to replace a beloved dish.  Most services will send you a listing of available pieces making it easy to replace broken items, or add things you need to expand your place settings and serving pieces. They can also help you identify your china patterns and provide information on the manufacturer, date of production and other pertinent details that may help you locate replacement pieces.
So, let that husband out of the doghouse. Entertaining doesn’t have to be frightening. China matching services can help make you feel comfortable and family and friends feel special.  So dust off those treasured dishes for your next gathering and celebrate in style. 
You can find pattern match services on line.  There are several good ones. Like everything else, be sure to get references to assure you are dealing with a trusted reputable company.


Saturday, November 17, 2012


Annie Lennox said it best; "Sweet dreams are made of this". 
As it turns out, sometimes dreams do come true, as witnessed Friday night at the grand opening of Liberty Park Emporium, Salt Lakes newest, hip little vintage shop.  The dream was hatched by owner Monica Zoltanski. No newcomer to the antiques business,  Monica owns the Capital City Antiques Mall, and previously owned the vintage shop Sisters. 
Monica christened her new shop, surrounded by a loaf of bread a jug of wine,  and friends  & supporters, who got an early look at her newly created space featuring carefully selected antiques, home decor, trendy accessories and unusual gifts.  
Liberty Park Emporium owner Monica Zoltanski
Lyn looked high & low, dazzled by the goodies
The Liberty Park Emporium is Located at 1465 So. 700 East, in Salt Lake City.  We think it's going to be a major player in the high end vintgage market.  Best of luck Monica, and sweet dreams. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


by Dennis Barker
If you spend much time hanging around traditional antiques shops, sooner or later you're going to hear a shop owner  comment, that there are just aren't as many collectors as there used to be.  And, if your taste’s run toward traditional antiques, it probably appears that way.  The truth however, is just the opposite. You don't have to look very far to discover that more and more people are out there looking for vintage items to incorporate into their homes, wardrobes or collections. Stop at any flea market, vintage or resale shop, and you'll find them buzzing with a mostly younger crowd, hungry for "old things".  Two things seem to account for the divergent experience between antiques and vintage shop owners.  The first is obvious.  Economics.  Lots of folks are feeling a financial pinch, and everybody is looking for a bargain.  Still more difficult for antiques dealers is the second.  Perception.  It seems that many among the flood of new collectors think of antiques as stodgy & expensive, believing they can find more value in "secondhand" shops.  Neither is true; there is a lot of fun and value to be found in an antiques shop.
When I was kid,  the Guess Who pleaded, "don't give me no hand me down world", our depression era mothers couldn't convince us that our older brothers half worn levis were as good as a new pair,  and we were embarrassed if the neighbors old sofa or lamp turned up our living room.  Our motto was, give us the new stuff.  The social exception was our grandfather's old chair.  It was an antique, you see. 
And the world turns.  I suppose this all got started with the shabby chic trend.  But today, the ideals of my youth have been upended, and the once derided secondhand item is now the ecological, economical and sociological darling of the 20-30 something generation.  And I'll admit,  it is a better way.  There's no arguing that the current reuse, recycle, and re-love craze is a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.  But wait...... isn't that exactly what antiques shops have been doing for a couple of hundred years?  
Just as "keep it green" has become our mantra, the terms vintage and retro have become the darlings of design & fashion. And, over the past few years, a burgeoning resale market has exploded to fill the growing demand. Inexplicably, antiques shops, the original recyclers, have found themselves outside looking in.  But the truth is, that antiques and vintage/retro stores are really just different sides of the same coin. Both populate their shelves with old  merchandise, that has been rescued, cleaned, refurbished and made ready for the next owner.  And more importantly, bargains abound in both venues.
You say tomato, I say tomahto. It often comes down to semantics. I’ve been in dozens of Utah antiques shops that have little on their shelves that would meet the technical definition of antique. Most of their merchandise would fit nicely into a vintage resale shop. As a matter of fact, there is hardly a resale shop that doesn’t have a few antiques, nor an antiques shop without lots of decorative and vintage items.  The only difference; the antiques dealer likely calls these things “collectibles”, and the resale shop owner probably uses the trendy “vintage/retro/reuse”  buzz words. When you’re looking for a chest of drawers for the spare room, that fits your budget and ecological bent, who really cares. I’ve bought lots of vintage stuff at antiques shops, and antiques in vintage shops. Why not expand your shopping universe.
Take a look at the two chest of drawers pictured above.  One from a resale shop, and the other from an antiques seller. Dependent on your sense of style, either would do the trick.  They’re both about the same price, will store whatever you need stored, and, will save a tree and about $500.00 over a trip to RC Wiley’s.  More importantly, you might find either at a vintage or antiques shop.
So, next time you’re out looking for something you can reuse, repurpose and re-love, think green, and don’t be afraid to stop by the original recyclers, your local antiques shop.  They’re loaded with just the kind of things you want.  That guy behind the counter may not know the jargon, but he might have just what you’re looking for.