Friday, August 26, 2016


You know, sometimes I wonder if I'm on a train that may have passed too many stations. As I look out the window, most of the stops along the way seem to be bustling with people who still have that new car smell about them. Fresh faces and fresh trends. Busy slapping a clean coat of paint on a business that admittedly owns its share of chips and scratches.  But what the heck... who says I'm not a pretty hip guy.  I'm just a little longer in the hip than most of them.  But I can still picture myself at 18, standing in a garage, brush in hand, painting up  A pile of old furniture collected from my grandparents basements and attics, to be used in furnishing our 1st apartment.  Of course then, we called it "antiquing", but it was really just a decades old expression of the current "paint and distress" trend.  So don't laugh when you see me eyeballing an old copy of " The Hippies Handbook",  in 50 years, you may find yourself at a flea market  sniffing around a stack of tattered  "Vintage Style" magazines. Anyway, if you'd like, we'd love you to take a look at the latest issue of the New Century Collector.  This months cover is dedicated to what I think of as hip.  But you'll find a little something for every collector inside.  Just give the picture below a little click.  We hope you like it.